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Fixed broadband has entered a new period of increased development and has become a focal point for investment in the ICT industry. GQI can help your business tap into that market and improve your business development


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Our Value Proposition

GQI help our clients to plan, develop and deliver on their obligations. We can do this while managing risk, business priorities and adoption of new technology

ICT Unified Communication Services

Your communications are the key to your internal and external partnership to maintain efficient and effective business as well as exceptional customer relationships

Unified Communications (UC) includes a suite of communication capabilities including IP telephony, audio and video conferencing and location based routing that can substantially enhance your organisation’s internal and customer contact communications

In addition, technology and service trends enable these features to be deployed using cloud based technology which has the potential to provide new capabilities at substantially reduced total cost of ownership

We can provide you with independent UC consulting, technical, architecture know how to integrate new technology with legacy systems, sourcing/procurement, and project management of delivery of new UC services


Data Centre Cloud Solutions

Your data centre and cloud based services are more and more critical components for delivering cost effective ICT services required by your business

GQI Consulting can provide you with independent, data centre and cloud consulting, technical and architecture governance and project delivery services

At GQI Consulting we translate your business needs into clear requirements to assist you in assessing opportunities for data centre and or cloud consolidation, designing, planning relocation of infrastructure, and transition of application services

VOIP / SIP Services

Gibson Quai International ensure your telephony design is suited to the business requirements with a neutral technical review. We can work with your technical teams to provide network baseline, QoS design and review. We will work on procurement validation of quotations and report on technical suitability and value for money.

The merging of voice and data communications make executing VoIP solutions and phone systems a serious attention for any size business, however the multitude of options can be frightening. An excellent VoIP implementation not only satisfies your voice communications needs, but it also considers the nearby network infrastructure and works nicely in your specific environment. VoIP solutions have wonderful benefits over legacy telephony including flexibility, cost savings and feature improvements.

HFC / Optical Fibre Cable

Gibson Quai International can provide you with independent Connectivity consulting, technical, architecture know how to deliver any type of Telecommunications into your location 

We provide multiple advise and comparison between different technologies, such as HFC or FTTN, FTTC, FTTP or FTTP. 

  • FTTN – Fibre to the Node: Fibre runs to the node, and from there to your home traditional copper wiring is used. This is the most common connection type, and no special installation is needed
  • FTTC – Fibre to the Curb (Kerb): A relatively new technology, fibre is connected up to a small distribution point in a curb or street, and copper is used from there to the home
  • FTTP – Fibre to the Premises: The rarest of connection types, with gigabit-capable fibre optic cable run from the POI to the node to the home
  • FTTB – Fibre to the Building: A popular connection type among apartment buildings, which delivers fibre to the building’s communications room with existing cabling used from there. Existing cable type varies from building to building
  • HFC – Hybrid fiber-coaxial is a telecommunications industry term for a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable

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  • GQI Corporate Brochure
    GQI provides a complete spectrum of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advisory and project delivery services.

  • Unified Communication Consulting Services
    GQI provides independent Unified Communication consulting with technical and architecture know-how to integrate new technology with existing systems.
  • Telecommunications Services and Technology Procurement
    GQI advises a broad range of clients on their telecommunications needs. This includes procurement strategies, which can save your business in overhead costs.
  • Project Delivery Services
    GQI uses best practice methods to provide independent business focused advice and services that identify and quantify business impacts, design correct solutions and recommend outcomes.
  • IT Governance
    GQI can assist you with training programs for best practice and specific Industry area of compliance.
  • Subsea Cable Industry 

    GQI has gained substantial experience in the subsea cable industry over the last decade.

    This experience includes the successful provision of provided technical design and documentation, and commercial and contract consulting services on a number of major submarine cable projects.

  • Project Professional Services

    GQI provides integrated professional services to Telco Network Operators, empowering the delivery of major programs

  • Walk / Drive RF coverage testing

    Gibson Quai International (GQI) provides walk/drive testing of public and community spaces to provide an independent view of actual radio field strength in a building or public/community space.