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A modern workforce needs to be flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of the telecommunications industry. We partner with you to bridge the gap between your permanent workforce and contractors, accelerating your capability to deliver difficult outcomes.


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Our Value Proposition

We support our clients through a solution focused, fully Integrated Project Resource Delivery Model that connects our clients to skilled and qualified consulting resources, on demand, which deliver skills and capability uplift across both Fibre and HFC Technical projects and commercial projects.

Project Delivery Services

We partner with you to bridge the gap between your permanent workforce and contractors, to accelerate your capability to deliver difficult outcomes.
Your Project delivery resourcing options include in-house staff, partnering with us or contractors:
• Providing Capability Uplift Support for your permanent workforce through deep expertise and tools
• Providing a quality assurance approach above individual contractors
• Providing the agility and flexibility in your project resourcing to meet demand cycles
• Dedicated Consultants, who know your business, and can assure outcomes for your projects, and can draw from our deep industry expertise
• Retaining valuable IP and knowledge about your business to re-use on future projects for you
Our services for project implementation include project management, contractor management, relocation and/or transition coordination and technical, and architecture governance of your suppliers.

Radio Coverage & Design Services

We can provide you with a comprehensive set of activities to plan design and optimise the coverage of your satellite and radio network.

• Link Budget Design – define band specific equipment gains and losses for Uplink/Downlink components
• Site selection – Short listing of sites based on availability and preference
• Coverage Prediction – Overlayed on relevant geographical and spatial data
• RF Coverage surveys – measuring the actual coverage in the field
• Coverage Optimisation – coverage predictions can be analysed against various spatial data sources such as drive test data, Identification of potential black spots/redundant coverage. And the Australian Bureau of Statistics data for insight into population densities covered

Our radio coverage design process is facilitated through the use of specialised tools including:

• Mentum Planet – a market leading planning and optimization software solutions for wireless access networks
• Pathloss – is a comprehensive path design tool for radio links and coverage area analysis operating in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 100 GHz
• MapInfo – combines and displays, on a single map, data from a variety of sources that are in different formats and projections
• Google Earth Pro – desktop site surveys, overlay coverage plots on the latest high resolution topographic

Preparation Of Designs & Go To Market Documentation

Once the procurement strategy is agreed we can assist with the design and documentation of the best technological solutions to maximise your business outcomes.

We can also prepare tender/go to market documentation including conditions of tender, conditions of contract, technical specifications, evaluation matrix and other related documentation which may form part of the contract for the delivery of the technology and services.

Expert Reports And Technical Advice

Our team can investigate and report on certain business and technical problems. Our advice is usually delivered through expert reports which present our views and recommendations to assist with the resolution of the problem.

We also prepare expert witness reports and expert reports on technologies for information to the market on IPO presentations.

Cloud Services

We provide vendor agnostic, independent, Cloud assessment and advisory services from both a technology and business view point. We consider the business drivers and goals, technical capabilities and organisational readiness in assessing whether ‘The Cloud’ is the right solution, at the right time for your organisation.

We assist in developing and validating the business case; whether it is a complete move, hybrid solution or if indeed the current state is the best, given the drivers.

Basically, we help you translate your business needs into clear requirements that will form your organisation’s cloud strategy and assist you in your decision making process with regard to ‘The Cloud’, and determine if it is the right move for your organisation.

Our proven framework depicted below leverages our deep understanding of business drivers across multiple industries, expertise across telecommunication and IT domains, from a technical and business view point to establish whether now is the right time for your organisation to move to ‘The Cloud’.

Our Clients


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  • GQI Corporate Brochure
    GQI provides a complete spectrum of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advisory and project delivery services.

  • Unified Communication Consulting Services
    GQI provides independent Unified Communication consulting with technical and architecture know-how to integrate new technology with existing systems.
  • Telecommunications Services and Technology Procurement
    GQI advises a broad range of clients on their telecommunications needs. This includes procurement strategies, which can save your business in overhead costs.
  • Project Delivery Services
    GQI uses best practice methods to provide independent business focused advice and services that identify and quantify business impacts, design correct solutions and recommend outcomes.
  • IT Governance
    GQI can assist you with training programs for best practice and specific Industry area of compliance.
  • Subsea Cable Industry 

    GQI has gained substantial experience in the subsea cable industry over the last decade.

    This experience includes the successful provision of provided technical design and documentation, and commercial and contract consulting services on a number of major submarine cable projects.

  • Project Professional Services

    GQI provides integrated professional services to Telco Network Operators, empowering the delivery of major programs

  • Walk / Drive RF coverage testing

    Gibson Quai International (GQI) provides walk/drive testing of public and community spaces to provide an independent view of actual radio field strength in a building or public/community space.