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The right kind of advice can significantly change your business for the better. With over 25 years of consultancy experience, GQI are well placed in the industry to find the right solutions for your business.


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Our Value Proposition

GQI Consulting focuses on understanding our client’s business needs and achieving their required business outcomes. We make time to fully understand and document all requirements and then we tailor our services to meet their specific requirements and commercial expectations.

 ICT Strategy Plan

Our ICT strategic plans help you apply the best technological solutions to maximise your business outcomes. They also enable you to align your expenditure on ICT with the delivery of commercial outcomes and have a clear roadmap for future investments complete with business cases to justify the investment.

We apply our standard methodology for ICT strategic plans which is tried and proven and will involve active client participation throughout the strategy development process and guarantee a successful outcome.

Economic Modelling

We develop economic models of ICT networks and management systems. These computer-based models provide a theoretical construct that represents economic processes by a set of variables and a set of logical and/or quantitative relationships between them. The economic model is a simplified framework designed to illustrate complex processes.

We use these models to examine the impact on the capital cost of a network or operating cost of management processes when certain underlying parameters in a model are changed.

For example, we have developed radio coverage models which have been used to test the underlying capital cost of providing radio coverage given for different radio performance criteria. We have also developed models which will calculate the operational cost of IT networks given different availability characteristics.

 IT Governance Services

We facilitate discussions across the board, all business units and the IT teams resulting in an assessment of business and governance requirements that accurately reflect the current status of agreed business vision and objectives, thus providing the opportunity to engage and renew. We will identify where efficiencies can be achieved using our specialised analysis tools and methodologies, and provide recommendations and certifications required to improve the IT team’s capabilities and put management back in control.

The IT Governance services can be offered as a standalone service or included in our strategy, solutions, sourcing/procurement, technical architecture, consulting services and project delivery services.

We will customise the IT Governance services to suit each organisation’s specific needs by identifying and assessing the risks across the entire organisation, how the risks can be mitigated, where security may be compromised and how it can be enhanced.
The governance services offered by us are typically delivered across three areas:

We can assist you with training programs for best practice and specific Industry area of compliance.

Review how your organisation directs and controls the use of IT from a business perspective and help your organisation determine your readiness, put in place policies, practices and structures necessary to plan, architect and build your digital economy’s business.
Assessment of your digital environment and map opportunities for IT Governance requirements based on stakeholder consultation, translate your business needs, and develop a strategy with business case for action including a set of comprehensive governance.

Compliance and certification
Through our accredited consultants, we can assist with the certification of internal IT service delivery with industry IT Governance frameworks such as ISO, COBIT and ITIL. We also assist Australian enterprises meet IT regulatory compliance regimes such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX (US) and their Australian equivalent.

Telecommunications Regulatory Advice

Since the full deregulation of the Australian Telecommunications Industry in 1997, a number of our senior consultants have been working with regulators and policy agencies to provide specialist technical and business advice in relation to the telecommunications industry.
In some instances this advice related to the cost of access, or other carriage service costs. In other instances it related to how the telecommunications environment should be operated to deliver services in the best interest of the end user.

Services Management Review

Your SMP captures the Business Services & Functions to Technology & Support layer that no discovery tool on the market OR traditional consulting engagement is able to do.

Our unique mapping process called ‘Service Modelling’ is based on 20 years experience in Service Management and has been developed to align with the industry standard of ITIL V3.0, making your data portable to every leading service management, reporting, & monitoring platform on the market.

Our approach uses a uniquely dynamic method of rapidly ‘modelling’ your Organisation, from the Business tip to it’s Technical core, then stores this information in your very own highly portable ‘Service Catalogue’, enabling you and your team to be on the pulse of your Business.

Plan for Success

Whether your organisation is embracing new service management & monitoring technologies, or scaling its capabilities into the cloud, Your SMP is the fast and simple answer to mapping the complex relationship your Business has with the technology that drives it.

Telecommunications Procurement Services

We can undertake the full end to end procurement process for you:

  • Review of existing sourcing contracts, costs and services 
  • Develop the business needs and procurements strategies appropriate for the requirements and type of organisation 
  • We prepare all RFQ/RFP/RFT covering contractor scope of work, functional/non-functional requirements and technical requirements and pricing regime.
  • Manage the market testing process
  • Receive and evaluate vendor responses
  • Make recommendations
  • Best and final offers (BAFO)
  • Finalise contract and engagement of contractors
  • Project manage the transition

The advantage in working with us is that we know how the market will respond, what technologies and services they are capable of supplying, and most importantly, at what price. We are regularly engaged to undertake this work, providing you with the insights and benefits.

Telecommunications Expense Management

We provide telecommunication expense management (TEM) advice to help you minimise the cost of your telecommunications environment. Most of this advice is associated with the procurement of carriage services which best meet your needs. This service includes:

  • Bill auditing — to find the errors in a service provider and carrier bills.
  • Benchmarking — to compare the costs of services from different providers.
  • Bill management — find the errors and manage the process.
  • Network reconfiguration and optimisation to reduce operating and management costs

Application And Wan Performance Services

We have developed tools and methodologies to independently measure and diagnose complex application performance problems across the entire technology stack, and make short and long term recommendations to help you maintain an agreed level of end user performance.

We will work with you to initially identify what applications you are experiencing poor performance with, and then provide insights into the existing performance of these specific applications. Typically, we see issues in the following application types:

  • AutoCAD, GIS systems with external file storage
  • Print services
  • External cloud-based applications mixed with older network access and file storage architectures
  • Unified Communications systems, especially with multiuser video conferencing applications
  • Office productivity applications

We will work closely with you and, if required, your various system Vendors, to independently collect the required data, assess your overall application performance across your existing applications and technology platforms to establish where the issues are stemming from. This data driven approach then forms the basis for developing business focused solutions.

ICT Unified Communication Services

Your communications are the key to your internal and external partnership to maintain efficient and effective business as well as exceptional customer relationships.

Unified Communications (UC) includes a suite of communication capabilities including IP telephony, audio and video conferencing and location based routing that can substantially enhance your organisation’s internal and customer contact communications.

In addition, technology and service trends enable these features to be deployed using cloud based technology which has the potential to provide new capabilities at substantially reduced total cost of ownership.

We can provide you with independent UC consulting, technical, architecture know how to integrate new technology with legacy systems, sourcing/procurement, and project management of delivery of new UC services.

Our Clients


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  • GQI Corporate Brochure
    GQI provides a complete spectrum of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advisory and project delivery services.

  • Unified Communication Consulting Services
    GQI provides independent Unified Communication consulting with technical and architecture know-how to integrate new technology with existing systems.
  • Telecommunications Services and Technology Procurement
    GQI advises a broad range of clients on their telecommunications needs. This includes procurement strategies, which can save your business in overhead costs.
  • Project Delivery Services
    GQI uses best practice methods to provide independent business focused advice and services that identify and quantify business impacts, design correct solutions and recommend outcomes.
  • IT Governance
    GQI can assist you with training programs for best practice and specific Industry area of compliance.
  • Subsea Cable Industry 

    GQI has gained substantial experience in the subsea cable industry over the last decade.

    This experience includes the successful provision of provided technical design and documentation, and commercial and contract consulting services on a number of major submarine cable projects.

  • Project Professional Services

    GQI provides integrated professional services to Telco Network Operators, empowering the delivery of major programs

  • Walk / Drive RF coverage testing

    Gibson Quai International (GQI) provides walk/drive testing of public and community spaces to provide an independent view of actual radio field strength in a building or public/community space.

  • ICT Consulting for the Mining Industry 

    GQI has more than 30 years of experience providing Telecommunications and Consultancy services in the Mining industry. We have a special portfolio of services and solutions designed specifically for the Mining industry.

  • ICT Solutions for the Education and Training Industry

    GQI provides a special portfolio of services and solutions designed specifically for the Education and Training industry, backed by years of experience.

  • ICT Specialist Resourcing 

    Empower your Talent Acquisition Strategy by partnering with GQI.