Recent expansion into India allows GQI to deliver high-quality network design services at a reduced price point

A new era for GQI commenced recently as the company launched a new global delivery service model aimed at offering large-scale network design services at a competitive price point. This new venture combines the traditional Telecommunications network design expertise normally associated with GQI brand with a contemporary delivery model. The new delivery model has been very well received by GQI’s major customers in Australia.

The global delivery team, based in Mumbai, India, interworks closely with GQI’s local engineering teams to ensure that the companies renowned high-standards of design are maintained, whilst optimising the cost to meet client budgets. The close interaction between the Australian and Indian working groups has led to increased innovation and knowledge sharing as India continues to grow as a global IT capability.  Additionally, GQI has leveraged the growing skilled workforce in India, and this new service provides GQI’s customers with an opportunity to scale up quickly.

Senior GQI Consultant, Ajanta Moitra, who played a crucial role in the launch of the service, has praised the leadership team’s foresight in opening up new geographical areas to strengthen the company. At a recent presentation she said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for GQI to broaden its skill base, internal capabilities and continue to deliver exceptional design services to our customers. Our clients have been very impressed by the team so far, and we hope to build on early successes and play a key role in the delivery of future Telco networks in Australia.”

To address potential concerns that offshoring could lead to a reduction in output quality, GQI has taken a highly integrated approach, whereby quality assurance will remain with local Australian based teams who will continue to manage customer the engagement. In setting up the new group, GQI has provided in-house training and has developed an innovative, peer-to-peer solution development group which allows offshore staff to access experienced engineering resources, at any time, to transfer knowledge and share ideas.

The launch of the new global delivery team is undoubtedly an exciting development, and we look forward to tracking the teams’ progress in the months and years ahead.